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334 Dana Cunniff Re: Re: "Hows your pilothouse cabin in the summer?" 2/21/2005 18:32:00

I have the longer cabin, 2530.

The sliding side windows give air flow. The hinged
front window is an option and it is good when you are
going no-wake speed to get full flow.

I boat in MA and I haven't needed to mount a fan,
though I use a portable one occasionally at the dock.

I dock it myself occasionally in a slip. I do it but
it can be tricky if you aren't nimble. Usually I have
one other on board to tie off the first line.

You'll hear from others that have the second station.

Good luck.

--- Sam Blate <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=k1IJO_YAdsz0VSE0Wja7deT9uaUX4a3Q66_thiL9D9MYXcRwsBvuRS1AN4hVJEJN_o3v4Sp1WYoUA2EvdcCoi-UZ1a0">samblate@...</a>> wrote:

> Dear B.,
> Have a look at the discussion at
<a href="HTTP://">HTTP://</a>
> before you buy anything.
> --Sam
> --- In <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=iy_piCCYuH8EJQJZrrfknMZGcHruolIiR-vefSpjet-McUjVmF6OJNn2_1A7aGxcNpXf9FKpTptFeExs0Mlp9a0"></a>, "bejayziz"
> <bejayziz@y...> wrote:
> >
> >
> > Hey guys,great site.I am pretty close to
> purchasing my first
> > parker,probably the 2520 pilothouse.Please could
> you give me some
> > input on the following:I fish out of the jones
> inlet new york and
> > one of my main concerns is how hot the cabin gets
> in the
> summer.Also
> > I'd like to get the extra helm outside as it has
> been suggested to
> > me that it will be a pain in the ass running in
> and out of the
> > cabin, is this the case for you guys without
> it?.And last but not
> > least a full transom as apposed to a cutout
> (single or twin
> > outboards) is the difference between these options
> to do with
> water
> > coming over the stern?As you can see fellas I'm
> pretty much a
> rookie
> > to boating and this purhcase is streesing the
> bejaziz out of me ha
> ha
> > Thanks in advance
> > B.

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