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336 ustank2 Re: "Hows your pilothouse cabin in the summer?" 2/21/2005 21:03:00

Can't help much on the second station but can give info about the
temperature inside the cabin. Down here in Florida it is HOT. But then
it is hot everywhere. The cabin provides shade as well as the canvas
top. Down here we don't worry about the temperature as much as trying
to get into a shady spot. The sun will really cook you and after 12-14
hours of that you will be well done. In the winter it is warm inside,
out of the wind. we can fish year 'round if the hurricanes don't get
you and the ocean lays down. Get to the Gulf Stream and you need
shorts. Couple of guys can sleep on the way in, down below. We are all
good friends so it works out ok.