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338 barnegat2520 Re: "Hows your pilothouse cabin in the summer?" 2/21/2005 23:08:00

I run a 2520XL with the 2nd station mounted on the bulkhead rather
than on the cockpit sole. It's a great option. It allows trolling
and you can see the electronics pretty clearly and docking is fairly
simple. I also have a secind mic for the VHF mounted out there so I c
an hear the radio and call form the cockpit if I need to. Be sure to
trim the motor up while reversing because you need to direct water
beneath the engine bracket. The XL only comes with the full transom
and fish box and a full transom is a nice safety feature where you'll
be going out an inlet that might get rough, no need for following
seas to fill you in from behind; it's the only way I'd go. Besides,
that big fish box can make for some decent storage. The cabin is
very cool in the summer months. I used to run a Grady with a bimini
top. No comparison. I thought I'd give up a lot with the cabin. No
fresh air, no wind in the face. The cabin is 100% better. Quieter,
cooler, and if you want a breeze (without losing a hat) open the
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> Hey guys,great site.I am pretty close to purchasing my first
> parker,probably the 2520 pilothouse.Please could you give me some
> input on the following:I fish out of the jones inlet new york and
> one of my main concerns is how hot the cabin gets in the
> I'd like to get the extra helm outside as it has been suggested to
> me that it will be a pain in the ass running in and out of the
> cabin, is this the case for you guys without it?.And last but not
> least a full transom as apposed to a cutout (single or twin
> outboards) is the difference between these options to do with water
> coming over the stern?As you can see fellas I'm pretty much a
> to boating and this purhcase is streesing the bejaziz out of me ha
> Thanks in advance
> B.