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339 jpg1969_1 Re: "Hows your pilothouse cabin in the summer?" 2/22/2005 9:04:00

We have a notched transom 2520 MVSC...we went for an optional 30
inch transom which has been fantastic. It's the best of both
worlds - never have taken a drop of water over the transom, have
better maneuverability than a bracket, takes up less slip space than
a bracketed motor, and it's easier fighting a fish when it crosses
the stern (doesn't get tangled with the motor). Think about the
notched 30 inch transom!

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> Hey guys,great site.I am pretty close to purchasing my first
> parker,probably the 2520 pilothouse.Please could you give me some
> input on the following:I fish out of the jones inlet new york and
> one of my main concerns is how hot the cabin gets in the
> I'd like to get the extra helm outside as it has been suggested to
> me that it will be a pain in the ass running in and out of the
> cabin, is this the case for you guys without it?.And last but not
> least a full transom as apposed to a cutout (single or twin
> outboards) is the difference between these options to do with
> coming over the stern?As you can see fellas I'm pretty much a
> to boating and this purhcase is streesing the bejaziz out of me ha
> Thanks in advance
> B.