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340 Mike Re: "Hows your pilothouse cabin in the summer?" 2/22/2005 11:11:00

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>I have a 2320DVSC with notch transom and the second station. The
2nd station is great for docking single handed and running through
go-slow zones. It was worth the extra money, does not take up too
much room and really does add flexibility. I can see in to the
instruments and out the windshield but not as good as that fella
with the attached 2nd station. With sliding side windows there is
plenty of air no matter how hot it may be at anything over trolling
speed. The flip out windshield is good for slower speeds. I leave
the door open and hooked but aided by a bungee cord around the
doorknob as the hook and eye is not strong enough for banging
around. Plenty of air and I would never go back to a canvas top even
for the lack of maintenance on a hard top alone! The cabin is hot
when I first open the door but cools down fast. I'm upriver on the
Sakonnet R. in RI and we do everything from freeze to fry through
the season not too different from L.I. good luck!