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342 parker25lc Re: "Hows your pilothouse cabin in the summer?" 2/22/2005 14:36:00

Like some of the others who have posted, I too run my boat in Mass,
so its not as hot as long as it is in Fladedah. But, I too find the
cabin cooler in the summer than outside. I bought one of those
marine reciprocating fans ... and never use it. I also bought the
fan to keep the windows clear, as I thought that the cabin
might "steam up" ... and have never use it for that either! I LOVE
the enclosed cabin.

IMHO my 1st upgrade to ANY Parker would be to dump the waaaaaaaaaaaay
too small Lenco tabs and add 9" chord (deep) by 24" span (width)
Bennett tabs, if running a single OB on either the mod-V or XL
model. Side by side comparisons of 2 identical 2520 models, both
with feul computers, show that the larger tab with less chord
improves gas mileage, whereas the woefully too small Lenco tab digs
in way too much ... gives you the same smooth ride, but serioulsy
co$ts you in miles per gallon.

My boat was used, without second station, but I am adding just the
auxilary steering this season to the back of the helm cabin bulkhead.
I picked up a spare Teleflex hydraulic helm on eBay and will add it
this Spring. Maybe next year I'll add dual controls, but as of now,
I only plan on using the 2nd station for when trolling and idling
through posted headway speed areas. I moor, so docking this big boat
isn't an issue for me, otherwise I would probably add a 2nd station
with dual controls on the rear deck. Thing is ... I HATE the twin-
stick controls that are currently on the market. You would tyhink
with today's technology, a simple mechanical control could be had.
You can get digital electroninc ones ... but I'm saving that $$ for
repowering witha 250hp outboard some day :) !

I prefer the full transom, too many benefits for me and not one