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> Hey guys,great site.I am pretty close to purchasing my first
> parker,probably the 2520 pilothouse.Please could you give me some
> input on the following:I fish out of the jones inlet new york and
> one of my main concerns is how hot the cabin gets in the summer.Also
> I'd like to get the extra helm outside as it has been suggested to
> me that it will be a pain in the ass running in and out of the
> cabin, is this the case for you guys without it?.And last but not
> least a full transom as apposed to a cutout (single or twin
> outboards) is the difference between these options to do with water
> coming over the stern?As you can see fellas I'm pretty much a rookie
> to boating and this purhcase is streesing the bejaziz out of me ha ha
>             Thanks in advance

First, don't let this stress you out. We all were there. We all had
issues docking our first boat (and even my new boat!) at some point. We all
butterflies for different reasons. My first advice is to 1. go to the boating
course given locally by your Boat US or West Marine or equivelent to get the
"rules of the road". 2. If you can, get a lesson from your dealer, on boat
handling. They might give it for free or make it part of the deal. If not,
find someone who can give you half or full day of boat handling, maintenance
and general upkeep. These 2 items will stay with you forever while your boat
probably will not and are worth every penny and minute.

Now as to the Parker. I have the 2520XL and use it in barnegat bay and the
Atlantic between Sandy Hook and Barnegat Inlet. This is my second Parker.
The cabin has plenty of ventilation with the side and front windows and the
interior portholes opening. It can actually be cooler inside with the windows
open than on the deck in the sun. I have a single 4 stroke and it has enough
power for my use and is fuel efficient. I am not sure if I would personaly
order the twins next time although a 250 4 stroke. I have the full ttransome
and no exterior handling station. Coming from the center colsole world it
took a little getting used to but for my use I have no need or should have hads
on the second station. We use the boat for family (we are 5) and fishing
with my buds. Solid forgiving boat although it can get wet in short chop.
Make sure you get trim tabs to help with the ride and the spray.

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