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347 skopje179 Re: new 2510mv 3/1/2005 9:03:00

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> real close to a new parker. coming off of a cc r230 robalo with
> deepv (22) I understand the ride will be much different than my
> 2002 cc. Love the boat and only hesitating because of the mv. All
> of my fishing is in the fl keys and usually have some wind and or
> wave action. Does anyone own this boat and can help wiht some
> thoughts . Thank you delidon1

I have the 2510 MV, and love it for its stability while trolling,
drifting, and anchoring. However, in a chop, it will bust your chops
unless you slow down and put the tabs down. Parker does not install
large enough tabs on their 25' hulls. I'd recommend you ask them to
install larger tabs when you place the order.

Also...just my opinion...but if I were fishing the Keys, which means
lots of open ocean, I'd go with the DV and a pair of F225s. If you
plan to be in lots of skinny water in the Keys, then stay with the
MV, but realize that she will pound.

All boats are a compromise. I knew that when I did my research and
bought my 2510 MV. For the Ches. Bay, I wouldn't change my choice.
Other than the small tabs (and the fact that I had to install fuel
shutoff valves myself), I love my Parker. I fixed the shutoff valve
myself, and I installed the "CoBra Marine" doel-fin style of plate on
the anti-ventilation plates of my twin F115s. The plates (much
cheaper than new tabs) gave me enough stern lift to push the bow
down. So...I've fixed both of the shortcomings, and will keep this
boat for a long time.