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348 parker25lc Re: new 2510mv - Consider the XL model 3/1/2005 10:24:00

Like Skopje, I too have a 25SC mod-V. First off, it drives like a
much larger boat, due to its beam and weight. But yes, in a
steep/heavy chop, it is prone to pound. There are 2 solutions ...
slow down and use your tabs to bury the nose.

I am the BIGGEST complainer to Parker of the stupid little Lenco tabs
that they use!!!!!!!!! One of Parker's engineers agreed with me and
even went so far as to say he'd only use Bennett tabs on his boat, as
Parker uses Lenco tabs strictly for quick installation ... for NO
other reason.

Parker 25 M-d-Vs run and perform best with bigger tabs, like the
Bennett 24" span (width) by 9" chord (length or projection off the
hull) tab planes. I have done side-by-side tests between my boat and
an identical boat, mine with the tabs I just mentioned and the other
boat with Lenco 12"x12" tabs. Both boats have 225hp outboards and
also have fuel computers rigged into their GPS for instant
performance numbers in miles per gallon.

To give you the short answer, to get the same ride out of the boat
with those stupidly small tab planes, you need to bury them and I
mean full down or almost full down in heavy seas. The "chord" or
longer depth of a 12" plane causes more drag. When picking tab
planes ... always, always, always pick WIDTH over LENGTH every day
of the week! Using our fuel computers, my performance actually
improves my MPG until I get my tabs down greater than 60% of the way
(the Bennetts have an indicator for deployment numbering 0 thru 20).

My friend with the Lenco loses MPG once his tabs are 1/2-way down. He
has to bury his tabs all the way on out-of-hole shots or in really
heavy seas. I have yet to run my boat with the tabs past "12". If
I put mine to "20" ... I'd probably be a submarine! FWIW, when my
friend's Lenco tabs burn out in saltwater use (and they will ... not
a matter of "if", but "when") he will be replacing his tabs with the
same 9" by 24" Bennett trim tabs my boat wears. I have turned about 5
other Parker owners onto the 24" x 9" Bennett tabs and all LOVE them;
and 2 of the guys were about to sell their boats ...

The other thing about Parker ride is that the helm station is so far
forward. You will shake, rattle, and roll while your crew seated
out on the huge cockpit doesn't feel a thing out of place. That's
not good or bad ... just a personality trait of this hull.

But, have you considered the XL model? This gives you a 16 degree
deadrise and a bit more weight. Powered with a 250hp OB she would be
fine ... just dump those small Lenco tabs.

I love my Parker, but you do have to recognize its limitations.
While I venture offshore, the seas were only up about 20% of the
time. But for the rest of the season, I got all of those creature
comforts Skopje talked about ... performance with single OB,
stability at rest, etc. On lumpy days, I drop the nose and speed and
stay on
plane around 18-20 knots. When seas really kick up - you know, I
really don't want to be out there anyway, so I head home slow, but I
get home. These sure are tough and dry boats!