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354 damic1203 Grab handles in pilot house 3/1/2005 23:54:00

I have fished several times in Sitka Alaska. Most of the guides at
the lodge where we stay use the 25 DVSC. In one of the boats we used,
Captain had a large diameter rope rigged fore and aft on the
underside of the roof for the passenger to hang on to during rough
crossings. After numerous rough trips on my own Parker, my fishing
buddy mentioned it would be nice to have something to hold on to
while moving about the pilot house or even sitting. My passenger seat
is simply a 4" thick cushion mounted atop the fiberglass storage
cabinet, offering little to keep you on your seat. My initial thought
was to mount one of those inexpensive stainless grab rails above the
passenger side (like they have in the handicapped restrooms). After
several head bashings on the door frame exiting the pilot house, it
dawned on me why the Alaskans used the rather unsightly rope. It
doesn't hurt when you smack your head on it. So my next project will
be to splice together some type of removeable rope handrail system.
Has anyone else done this or mounted a more traditional type seat on
the passenger side?