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357 Art Marshall I''ll let you know how they work 3/16/2005 22:03:00

As a means of decreasing my planing speed I have just purchased a
set of Permatrims. I have been searching for an answer to the
question " what's the best way to reduce planing speed and to hold
plane?" I have found absolutely ZERO definite answers. I've seen
similar questions on differing sites with responses like, doelfins,
4 blades, bigger tabs but, have yet to read " I did such and such
and it works excellent/sucks". So I bit the bullet and will
eventually let you guys know how they work. Why Permatrim? My
dealer and a friend have had little success going the 4 blade
route. Beside the fact $$$$. The dealer suggested doelfins,
actually one set for two engines, just mounted to the outsides of
either engine. I have heard that 2 sets would cause way too much
stern lift and drag, and would adversly affect the ability to trim
up. I hate running with the tabs fully tucked down so bigger tabs
were never an option. The only choice for me was Perma. Hope it
works or I'l have a few holes to fill in the cavitation plates when
I remove them!