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375 skopje179 Re: I''ll let you know how they work 3/21/2005 8:26:00

Since I'm on a trailer and the boat is in the water only a few hours
each week, I've never had any problem with corrosion. However, if I
was in a slip, I'd definately take your advice.

Not sure what kind of paint CoBra Marine puts on the plates, but
another option, might be to remove them, rough them up, and apply an
epoxy paint. It might stay put better than whatever CoBra uses.

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> "Get the unpainted SS ones--the paint comes off over the long-haul
> anyway."
> May want to consider putting on some rudder zincs. Adding more
> stainless steel (assuming SS is stainless steel) to the equation
> cause problems down the road.