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377 skopje179 Raw water washdown pump--which one? 3/21/2005 8:39:00

I've replaced the Shurflow "Blaster Pro" raw water washdown pump on
my 2002 2510 twice in the three seasons I've had her. The seal
between the pump and the motor seem to go bad and allow saltwater to
get into the bearing, freezing up the motor.

Have heard that this is a big problem with this vendor. Guidance has
been to make sure the pump is installed pump housing down (motor up),
and never leave it pressured up--in other words, turn the pump off,
and release the pressure when you are done with it, even for a short
time. A number of people have installed switches back near the
transom to cut the power to the pump without having to go to the
helm. Since I already have a new Surflow in possession, I'll install
the switch when I install the pump. But there has to be a better

Anyone have experience with a better product than Sureflow?