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380 jpg1969_1 Re: Raw water washdown pump--which one? 3/22/2005 10:24:00

I have the shurflow pro blaster and what I do is shut off the pump
at the helm, close the thru-hull intake, then turn it on again for a
couple of seconds to pump out any water/pressure...Haven't had any
problems knock on wood.

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> I've replaced the Shurflow "Blaster Pro" raw water washdown pump
> my 2002 2510 twice in the three seasons I've had her. The seal
> between the pump and the motor seem to go bad and allow saltwater
> get into the bearing, freezing up the motor.
> Have heard that this is a big problem with this vendor. Guidance
> been to make sure the pump is installed pump housing down (motor
> and never leave it pressured up--in other words, turn the pump
> and release the pressure when you are done with it, even for a
> time. A number of people have installed switches back near the
> transom to cut the power to the pump without having to go to the
> helm. Since I already have a new Surflow in possession, I'll
> the switch when I install the pump. But there has to be a better
> solution.
> Anyone have experience with a better product than Sureflow?