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383 inaforty 2120 Sportcabin 3/30/2005 7:13:00

Hi folks
Our 2120 Sportcabin is for sale. We are thinking of having it
brokered but I thought I might try to sell it myself before hand. We
have just taken the cover off and it is not in the water yet.
If anyone with interest in the boat E-mail me at <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=xCKjSlt7T_hBwZPvDUFWykEK1pZN6tzQSiU4NY_y5Jwvi5XZifLAoOHQ777v8q31PyZMCOvuVO5Pozwm9Q">inaforty@...</a>
I can give you all the details on the boat.