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386 kynan2320 New adds to my 97 2320 4/15/2005 23:49:00

Just thought I'd solicit interest in whether others have added a
fresh water washdown, or, converted the dead space under the center
of the 2320 cabin for storage.

I just did both.

In the seat storage area on the left, I added a Plastimo 13 gallon
flexible bladder. I placed the pop-up fill right on the step, the
waterproof on/off toggle right behind the seat, and the outlet right
behind the door. I placed a 2.8 gpm shurflow pump right on the deck
to the left off the seat in the back, well hidden and quiet. It
works great!

I can still use the majority of the storage are for life saving
equipment as it's soft and poses no threat to the bladder. I can
easily get to the bladder from this spot for clean ups,
sterilization, etc.

I have been bugged by that huge dead spot in the middle of the
cabin, where the forward bildge pump is. So I finally grapped a 30"
hatch after speaking with Parker engineers (great feedback). I cut
out the old circular hatch and placed the new hatch in it's place.
The only problem is it's white. Below deck, where the sides reach
a "v" I spliced in four 12" by 23" by 1/2" pieces of seafoam
starboard. All anchored with 5200 and a center strip in the middle
to bear the weight. I placed a couple of drain plugs in, ran the
cabin drain through it, and re-used the circ. hatch over the forward
bildge pump. Gave some thought to glassing in and painting beige,
but I think I'll hold on that and return som stuff to the store to
get some cash back! I now have ~ 8 to 10 cubic feet of storage
there now. It's huge. It could even be used for a large fish box.

If people are interested in pics, let me know. Prob. not much to
look at, but good for ideas.

See ya on the sound!

"Fish Factor"