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397 old_water_dog newcomer introduction 4/23/2005 18:21:00

Hello fellow Parker owners, I just found out about this site today
while on THT. Great idea and will tell any other Parker owners I meet
about it. I'm 54, from Connecticut, and have owned a 2000 2520 mvsc and
now a 2004 2520 xlsc. Will post pics as soon as I get digital camera
and figure out how to do. My wife and I fish all over LI Sound for
stripers, blues, fluke, sea bass, porgies, weaks and basically
everything else that swims there. Right now the boat is at dealer
having the throttle recall being done on the 225F. Any of you had the
latest recall done and run the boat much yet? Any problems after
recall? Any xl owners find any cracks in the deck in the area of the
hatch cover to access the batteries? In that narrow area above the left
hinge of the cover I have a crack about 3 inches long in deck. Probably
only cosmetic, but am afraid of water getting into wood floor so dealer
agreed to fix. He said he'd seen it before with the xl in the same area
where mine was cracking. I love the boat, but just want to keep on top
of things. Anyone put bigger tabs on the xl yet or is it impossible due
to them being recessed? Maybe you could mount them on transom instead?
Heard some folks say the bigger tabs on the mv helped alot. Well, glad
to find this forum and look forward to checking in from time to time.
Our boats name is "Stonebuster" after my job as a rock blaster.