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404 old_water_dog Re: Stone Buster/Rock Blaster 4/24/2005 17:48:00

--- In <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=uWYaEdZrwIRsz7iDhKeINlKPnp09OnXxtU4z8kDjUcqPEWgxe9Zg_488mXw2X_AFWUnK4CGvhQjEON4FnmXXXYuyC6Q"></a>, "ustank2" <tison_t@p...> wrote:
> Ustank2, Twenty one years in the bussiness and still have all
original parts. I plan to keep it that way, I have a hard enough time
tying knots already. Thanks to all of you for extending the warm
welcome. I'm looking forward to comparing notes with you guys. Several
of you I have spoken to on THT, so I feel like I know some of you
already. Mike
> Welcom
> Be sure and keep those fingers attached to the hand. Be safe.