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407 old_water_dog Re: Welcome Old Water Dog! 4/25/2005 18:31:00

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> Welcome to the group. Don't expect too much conversation but you
can expect lots of
> folks to read what you have to say. It seems as if Parker owners
like to maintain a low
> profile but they will respond to help another Parker owner. There
are some good threads
> banked on the archives of this site, so be sure to search them.
> Fishing in L.I. Sound sounds interesting. Someday I would like to
get up there for the early
> striper migration, just to see how different the fishing techniques
are from down here on
> the Chesapeake and Outer Banks.
> Ranger Tim
> 2120 DVSC
> "Midnight Troll" Tim, Thanks for the welcome. If you ever get
in my area mid-June to early July, got a spot for 25-35lb. stripers.
Or in the fall, mid-Sept. to November you can catch blues 10-
16lbs 'till you don't want to catch no more. Mike