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408 kynan2320 Trim tab replacement issues 4/25/2005 20:57:00


Long story short, my trim tabs on my 97 2320 had through tab
corrosion in a couple of spots, despite religous use of zincs. BL
Instatrim company was great on replacing them for 50 bucks, sent new
zincs and all new hardware as a plus. Ultra quick turnaround.
Can't say enough about them.

When I pulled the old tabs off, I found the intall method being
bedding with 4200 or 5200 behind the mounting plate, and the same
adhesive in the holes.

As I obsess on things, such as water getting into the transom, I
opted for the method of drilling larger holes, filling with west
system epoxy, letting it harden, and then drilling the proper size
holes, and rebedding the holes, the backs and screw threads with

Now, the oly problem with this, was that upon filling the holes,
(eight or ten on each side, about half of them wanted to take an
endless supply of epoxy through the syringe. A couple would fill
through one and bleed out the one next to it, just like filling your
lower unit. It's like there's a big void behind a couple of
spots....this was only on the holes closest to the bottom of the
transom. No moisture, just a void.T his is with drilling in just to
the depth of the existing mounting hardware too.

A couple of holes I got tired of messing with, so I opted for some
quick set 5 minute epoxy.

Just sharing for folks if they have the same issue of pulling tabs;
just stick with rebbing with 3m adhesive vs. doing the "overboard
thing. I don't think I helped my cause much with this at all.