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410 Dana Cunniff Re: Trim tab replacement issues 4/26/2005 21:44:00

I have a couple of holes in my tabs on a '96 2530. No
real plan to replace them, but how did the talks go.

After a year or two I started to put two zincs per
trim tab.


--- kynan2320 <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=K5fhGBcXs96pXFtO0MMMiWZYRYooWWtuj2e9iv8jLOGsWa9W6mbVWHdvIF1q5OddCwv2g7ZONjiE">kynan@...</a>> wrote:
> OK,
> Long story short, my trim tabs on my 97 2320 had
> through tab
> corrosion in a couple of spots, despite religous use
> of zincs. BL
> Instatrim company was great on replacing them for 50
> bucks, sent new
> zincs and all new hardware as a plus. Ultra quick
> turnaround.
> Can't say enough about them.
> When I pulled the old tabs off, I found the intall
> method being
> bedding with 4200 or 5200 behind the mounting plate,
> and the same
> adhesive in the holes.
> As I obsess on things, such as water getting into
> the transom, I
> opted for the method of drilling larger holes,
> filling with west
> system epoxy, letting it harden, and then drilling
> the proper size
> holes, and rebedding the holes, the backs and screw
> threads with
> 5200.
> Now, the oly problem with this, was that upon
> filling the holes,
> (eight or ten on each side, about half of them
> wanted to take an
> endless supply of epoxy through the syringe. A
> couple would fill
> through one and bleed out the one next to it, just
> like filling your
> lower unit. It's like there's a big void behind a
> couple of
> spots....this was only on the holes closest to the
> bottom of the
> transom. No moisture, just a void.T his is with
> drilling in just to
> the depth of the existing mounting hardware too.
> A couple of holes I got tired of messing with, so I
> opted for some
> quick set 5 minute epoxy.
> Just sharing for folks if they have the same issue
> of pulling tabs;
> just stick with rebbing with 3m adhesive vs. doing
> the "overboard
> thing. I don't think I helped my cause much with
> this at all.

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