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418 Dana Cunniff Re: Outfitting a Parker 2520 MVSC 5/2/2005 13:15:00

Dashboard is thick in different places. Tap on it
first where you want to put something. Couple spots
hear fuse panel are thinner. For those I use #6 screw
at 1/2", be careful. Other places much, much thicker.
Drill all.

I haven't mounted anything to the inside of the cabin
outer walls except wire tie holders, and there do the
same thing but they don't go in all the way due to the
thickness of the tie. I just mounted an electronics
mount above the steering window and wanted through
bolts. Same thing, if you just want screws. Tap and
figure out depth so you don't go through.

Others can say more about actual mounts of things on
the cabin wall.

--- goalkeeper902001 <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=0iMncSLG3skmjZV5dpSzbYJPc6wylc-RTKrsSXJ8667smQnTCvzUNcfAbGdv3hEXPGuMP0la1msF9qR6fSII0lc">goalkeeper90@...</a>> wrote:
> I've been a member of the board for about a year but
> here is my first
> posting.
> I am about to enter my second season with my 2003
> 2520 MVSC and would
> like to outfit the cabin with a few odds and ends
> such as rod
> holders,
> cup holders, storage, etc.
> Can anyone give me any guidance on the size
> fasteners that I should
> use
> to mount items to the inside of the pilot house and
> the dashboard.
> Do
> I need to pre-drill the holes?
> My reoccurring nightmare is that I go to install a
> simple cup holder
> and I drive a screw straight through the wall of the
> pilot house.
> Any
> advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks

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