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420 Casey New Member just saying hey 5/3/2005 23:28:00

Hey folks I'm a new member as of yesterday and just wanted to say hey.
I live in Northern CA as a transplanted Mississippian and hopefully
will be getting a boat sometime next year to fish out of Half Moon
Bay, Santa Cruz ,Monterey area and the Bay from time to time. I've
liked the look of the Parker Pilothouses but being on the Mississippi
Gulf was always in love with CCs but now being up here with the cold
water and weather and such the Pilothouse seems the way to go. A
friend suggested I look into Parkers and I found this site and am
learning a lot about these boats already...I'm thinking of picking up
a used 23 sport cabin with a 4 stroke at some point to fish Salmon,
Halibut and Albacore when I can.and am always open to advice and
info......anyway just enjoying the site and wanted to say hello.