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426 Dana Cunniff Re: Spot Light on 2120 5/6/2005 21:18:00

Lot of Parker guys have them right on top of the

I couldn't. Tried it and didn't like the glare off
the rails into the windshield at night. I added a
vertical extension piece on mine as high as I could go
without blocking the running white light. I added
about 9 inches more height.

I personally haven't seen any Parkers where someone
mounted it on the pulpit. Lot of others do, and there
are pros and cons for all. Can get some vibration up
front (if you do the rail). Tough to really do on the
pulpit itself with an anchor there.

Lot of people also just use a hand-held. Another
thing is to get the best focusing beam you can (so
there is less scatter if you go on top of the

I have a 2530.

--- caton1973 <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=om4Pp9yR4BXqhkDHwthOfRU1G-FYQwMNPddb3K1Y2BAKHUfEM3DoDXxElOZESAIvqQwT6I_WjJnKR8GxCQ">caton1973@...</a>> wrote:
> Any advise as to the best place to mount a spot
> light on the 2120?
> I've heard that reflection from the deck may be a
> factor if mounted on
> top of pilothouse and on the pulpit may be
> better...any advise is
> appreciated.

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