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430 fishinfireman Re: Spot Light on 2120 5/7/2005 9:54:00

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> Any advise as to the best place to mount a spot light on the 2120?
> I've heard that reflection from the deck may be a factor if mounted on
> top of pilothouse and on the pulpit may be better...any advise is
> appreciated.

I have a 2002 2520. I mounted an (ACR) RCL-75 spotlight to the
pilothouse roof over 2 years ago. It works great and I get no reflected
glare from the bow rail or the front deck because I mounted it far
enough back so that the front edge of the pilothouse roof shields the
light from shining on the front of the boat. Before I mounted the light
I hooked it up to power and then moved it around on the top of the roof
until I found the right spot. I have also mounted fixed docking lights
in the front of the hull. These are very handy sometimes also. Check
the photos page in the "Melinda Jean" folder.