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443 JOEL BARBARITO Re: Rod Rack inside Cabin 2520XL 5/13/2005 22:29:00

Velcro. The hook side of velcro holds well to the cabin carpet.

I used rub rail material and individual rod holders that bolt to the rub rail-
the rod holders have a ring for the butt end and a hook for wherever you need to
grab the rod. I was able to fit 4 rods on each side. The longest I could get
was 6'6", but I drilled through the bulkhead to fit a 7' rod. The velcro
attached to each side of the rub rail and pressed in place on the carpet. The
rub rail works out because it adapts to the curve of the hull side.
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Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 9:28 PM
Subject: [parkerboats] Rod Rack inside Cabin 2520XL

How have others mounted rod racks inside the cabin area of the
2520XL. With out drilling throught the hull how do you mount them
over the rug liner?


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