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449 rangertimbo Re: 21 or 23 sport cabin 5/20/2005 23:25:00

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> hello i just signed on and i really have enjoyed this site. my
> question is i may be looking for a 21 or 23 sport cabin. how are these
> boats offshore? my wife to be really likes the layout of these 2
> boats. i fish and scuba dive offshore. i fish out of oregon inlet,
> hatteras and rudee inlet. also i have a 1995 f-150 5.8. can my truck
> safely tow the 23? thanks

How many miles do you want to tow? I tow my 2120 with a 2002 F150 5.8L but the
and its bigger trailer is a bit heavier. If you are just towing locally, five
miles or so on flat
terrain you'll be fine. Trekking across the state on the Interstates may be a
stretch and
prematurely wear out your tranny. Try a weight distribution hitch and get
brakes on all
four wheels if you decide to try it with that much weight. Drive slower and
leave as much
space in front as the traffic will allow.

Offshore boating would tip the scales in favor of the 2320 in my book. I have
the 2120
because of towing considerations. I tow two hours each way to the Chesapeake
Bay. Oh,
for the day I can afford a boatel!