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453 jfkittel Outboard bracket on 2120 5/23/2005 22:13:00

I've just purchased a 2120 with a Yamaha 175 HPDI. I've always had 2
sources of power on my fishing boats and have used my spare kicker
once in 10+ years, last year when a water pump impeller died on my
last boat powered by a Johnson Oceanpro 150.

Has anyone had experience mounting a bracket and Kicker on the 2120?
HAve you used it for trolling? Can you offer any advice on location,
type of bracket, regular or long shaft outboard? If used for trolling
how about steering? Can it be connected to the Yamaha to steer
together? (My boat (used) has an autopilot and hydraulic steering

Thanks for any help you can provide.