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460 Tom Sheehy Re: Re: Parker 21 Deep-Vee CC? 6/1/2005 11:09:00

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Please tell us all in regard to the performance, the dryness, the ride and
whatever you feel like typing. It should be a great boat and I wish you a lot
of luck with it.




Re: 21' Parker DVCC

We've had some miserable weather here in Massachusetts during May -- I think
there were only 4 or 5 days where it didn't rain.

Since putting the boat in on May 14, I've made about a dozen fly-fishing trips.
I've put about 100nm on the boat so far (including drifts) which doesn't sound
like much, but considering that I haven't ventured more than 2-2.5 miles from my
slip, it adds up.

So far I am very happy with the boat, it is a 1999, with a 200HP Yamaha 0x66.
I'm still getting the hang of adjusting the motor vs. the trim tabs but the ride
is awesome.

I don't have much in the way of performance data. I know at WOT (5400RPM, with
100 gals fuel, fishing gear and 1 passenger) the boat does 36knots which is
about 41mph. Most of the time I am running around at around 4100RPM which puts
me right around 25knots or just under 29mph.

Considering my previous boat of 6 years was a 17' Bristol Skiff -- 30HP
outboard, flat-bottomed skiff, total running weight approx 800 pounds with WOT
speed ~20 knots -- the Parker is a much different animal with its substantial
increase in weight, beam and 21* deadrise.

The boat eats up the small chop and boat wakes that are typical within the
estuary system where I fish, and I've done a little playing around in some
steeper chop and rough waters at the mouth of the river / ocean and have been
very happy with the way the boat handled. It goes without saying that with the
Parker bow flare it is a nice dry ride.

The other thing that I have really appreciated has been the tall console on the
DV. With the nasty, cold weather we have had it is great to ride out of the
wind without having to hunch way over to get behind the windscreen like on some
of the other boats I have been on.

Still trying to get a feeling for fuel consumption, but it is difficult without
an hour or fuel flow meter. The 110 gallon tank was about 85% full when I
launched the boat (in retrospect, I should have topped it off to make sure),
I've added another 22 gallons and am now down to under a half a tank. That
means I have burned approximately 75 gallons of gas so far, but its hard to know
for sure without filling the tank completely and taking better measurements -
which I will plan to do at some point :)

I had read on the old Parker forums about guys having trouble with water coming
in through the low transom, but this hasn't been a problem at all for the type
of use that I have done so far. I can see some water coming in if I am drifting
stern-to into some seas, but that shouldn't be too often.

-- Tom

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