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461 parker25lc Added DIY 2nd helm to my Parker 6/6/2005 10:10:00

I added a custom 2nd helm to my Parker, made of teak & mahogany, that
mounts onto the back starboard bulkhead of the sport cabin on my 25SC.

It cost me about $850 total to install myself. This was my parts
* Helm pump, found new on eBay (new) @ $220
* 13" steering wheel with powerknob @ $50
* Hydraulic hoses, 2nd station kit, and fittings @ $240
* 2 newer Morse Twin SR controls including shipping @ $80
* All new T'flex Xtreme control cables & attachments @ $200
* Custom teak/mahogany control box to mount it all @ $50
* 4 tubes hydraulic fluid, mil-spec 5606 stuff from Wally-World (SAME
as $16 Teleflex stuff) @ $0.50 per tube on sale
* Labor = the love of my life, working on boats @ $0

Pictures of these and other custom touches I've added (galley with
stove & sink) are in a photo album on this site titled "Custom Stuff,

Also see: <a href=""></a>