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463 howass1 Re: new parkere owner 6/11/2005 13:06:00

--- In <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=7C_qKR57rG5_mbVHwWrv5qWuGY6Y0NH6Kd_3WslLxaRjSJA8n5If3eMCfDiO9UCzBTgMEmrDSXFjHDNNDsWzeIU"></a>, "ck4507" <ck4507@y...> wrote:
> purchased a 2320 pilothouse that should be here next week. i have
> just found this web site looking for ideas of where to mount and
> things. just wanted to say hi to all.
> charlie
> panama city, fl.
> marine engineer by trade

Good luck with it. It is always a scarrrry thing to drill the first
hole in it.