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471 megabyte2520 Re: 2520 MVSC Forward Bilge Pump 6/13/2005 7:54:00

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> My forward bilge pump is not operating. I tried lifting the manual
> float switch with no luck. The breaker/rocker switch on the dash
> turn it on and I also noticed the red light on the switch doesn't
> on either. The breaker is not tripped. Is there an in-line fuse
> somewhere? If so, the red light in the switch should still turn on
> when toggled on, no?
> Tim


Not sure how your forward pump is wired, but it definately sounds
like you have a power issue.

I would suggest getting a 12v test light, and starting at the
switch... test for continuity at the switch and to the pump. A test
light is a simple way to see where you have power, and where you do
not. Isolate the failed part or connection and you'll be back in