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483 Dana Cunniff Re: dual horn preservation 6/14/2005 20:46:00

My replacement horns with a wedge are going strong
since I put the wedge in back in July, '02.

The pair before lasted 11 months.


--- waynesworldxl <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=PC-9vpqwV8Elzm1F1DIhTUfk4aFlJ0wI7YlBAQ6X1eNVy37sxl6kud8ykjO4TbgUCLEv94vyvJbAlPfJ5uB7">waynesworldxl@...</a>> wrote:

> i still have my original horns on my 2002 2520xl and
> occasionaly
> spray boeshield down the trumpets in order to keep
> the parts from
> rusting. after these burn out i will buy the ongaro
> model though.

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