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485 rangertimbo Re: Parker 21 or 23 Pilothouse 6/15/2005 0:19:00

I still am very satisfied with my 2120. In retrospect, I would have bought the
2320 if I
hadn't had to trailer as much. After a long trip to the Bay I'm glad the rig is
no longer/
heavier than it is. When on the water I sometimes wish I had those two extra

The toughest question for me would be whether to go with a notch or full
transom. The
benefits and drawbacks of each are enough to drive a person nuts! In any case,
do be sure
to get the second helm station. I will be adding one as soon as I get the *&$%
tuition paid
for my daughter's college- It'll be a while! Oh, and dual wipers and opening
front windows

Ranger Tim

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> Hey Guys,
> Found the site through the Hull Truth.
> Those of you who own Parker 21 Pilothouses...are you still happy with
> your boat or do you wish you would of gone up to the 23? Same
> question for you 23 owners!
> I'm considering a 21 with the 200hp (4stroke)...seems like a lot of
> boat for the money.
> ~Aaron