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487 j p Re: Parker 21 or 23 Pilothouse 6/15/2005 8:39:00

full transom is the way to go. Feels (and looks) like a much larger hull and the
added security of the solid transom in a following sea in an inlet is a plus.
Also the fish wells (4) are very convenient for things other than fish as the
storage on the boat is limited. The second station is trick and I use it
constantly. The 2320 is a good compromise between the 21 and 25. Doing an
offshore trip in Montauk next two weeks and will report how it does in some tall


rose <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=jZLRBsBCyVoBZlHp3JFVh_XysEiJMF-vrXTjL9hjM3F1x7S0BVGkQDnj6CEDnI-VW__9JpJTVCm2">a_grose@...</a>> wrote:
Hey Guys,

Found the site through the Hull Truth.

Those of you who own Parker 21 Pilothouses...are you still happy with
your boat or do you wish you would of gone up to the 23? Same
question for you 23 owners!

I'm considering a 21 with the 200hp (4stroke)...seems like a lot of
boat for the money.


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