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496 j p Re: Anchor rode capacity 6/16/2005 10:38:00

my 2320 came with an 8 lb Danforth. Useless. Switched to a 15lb.

<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=RJpYo_aMeGYl7XWXocqI3-kQ1LNBO09mdCDNC-OPZ-B4oef-83oxuNMAmCwzcrCte9XE9m0aY7Y">fastbasket@...</a> wrote:
I have a 2520DVSC and I have 600' of 7/16" in the anchor locker. There is
still room left over so I am sure you could get 600' of 1/2" in there. I did
have to go below to spread the rope out in the locker a few times when I was
putting the rope in the locker. I have an Easy Anchor Puller with 350' of 7/16"
mounted just behind the bow pulpit that I use for fishing. The 600' in my
locker is attached to a storm anchor that is mounted in chocks on the bow.

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