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498 rangertimbo Re: Parker 21 or 23 Pilothouse 6/17/2005 1:25:00

One man's trash is another man's treasure. I wanted the full transom when I was
shopping. Found out the 2120 is only made with a cut transom. I couldn't be
with it. I've had water in the floor only twice, both times due to big fish
being landed by
three big guys, all in one corner of the stern. I've tried backing down into
whitecaps and
serious bay chop and the rear end bobs like a cork. I've never been really
worried about
being swamped in this boat like I was in my center console. I know it could
happen, but I
keep an eye on things. It's nice to know I can dump a lot of water FAST out of
the notch
when I need to.

Maybe if I had a full transom 2320 I'd probably feel differently about it, but
I'm still very
pleased with the 2120 and the notch. I can run a fishing rod around the engine
easily and the boat's a breeze to spray out when on plane. I even removed the
guard because I saw no real benefit to keeping it. I do miss the ability to
have a transom
fish box- a big cooler is always easy to clean though.

Any other folks with good things to say about notch transoms? Am I out on a
limb with