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501 Keith Lincoln Re: newboat "motor brake in" 6/21/2005 21:35:00

For the first hour keep it at 2000 rpms for the 2nd hour keep it at 3000rpms.
For the next 8 hrs run at normal operating speed, but change rpms frequently to
give the engine parts a chance to heat and mate. Towards the end of the 10hrs
don't be afraid to open her up for a few moments to get her mated up at top end.
The the 10 hr check up is to make sure every thing is torqued properly and to
check the oils for any abnormal amount of shaving in the top and bottom oils.
After the the 10hrs use Ring Free everytime you fuel up and stick to the oil
changes as directed and that engine will last you for years. I just replaced
my pair of 2001 F115s with 2000hrs and they are still being used by a friend of
mine for his skiff, and he has had trouble free boating to date. I use my
engines commercially. I am running a F225 now on my Parker and she has
1500hrs. Still as strong as the day I bolted her on the back in 2003.
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Subject: [parkerboats] newboat "motor brake in"

Howdy everyone . my dad just bought a brand new 2520xl with a yamaha
f250 4 stoke. we drove from LA to South Carolina and brought it back.
I would like to know from any dealers or mechanics the proper
procedure for breaking that motor in? They told us to drive it at
different rpm levels but don't rememeber for how many hours.Should we
not load boat will full tank,fishing gear,fisherman until after brake
in.They said take it to dealer after 10 hours for oil change.thank
in advance for any info...wayne

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