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505 skopje179 Re: Anchor locker drain? 6/24/2005 8:24:00

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> Does the anchor locker have a drain? Specifically I have a 2320 pilot
> house and I am tempted to run the garden hose in there to clean
> off. There is a hatch that is at the head of the bunk. I am not sure
> if it is water tight. I'd hate to end up with a bunk full of water. I
> suspect there must be a drain for this area but would like it
> confirmed by one of you who knows.
> Cheers

On my 2510, there is a limber hole (drain) that goes from the anchor
locker, all the way through the forward bilge, under the fuel tank, and
exits in the rear bilge. Every year during winterization, I pull the
anchor rode and coil it into a 5-gal bucket, and then flush the anchor
locker with a garden hose. As long as I have the bow high enough so
that water runs to the back, the water runs the full lenght of the boat
and out the drain in the transom.

Someone will have to confirm that this is the case with the 23 hull