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509 rangertimbo Re: 2320 SL 6/28/2005 23:17:00

Fill it and find out! My gas guage works fine. It is a rough guide, but it
does the job.

--- In <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=lqu5_LAIz2MwPERDnrvPlNqVC22yEQleckT6s_Ohe4vvem9cW_GmR8t2QxrslTMcXZrouzwMH23CCHKb2_03WqQPTsUW"></a>, j p <jpayne134@y...> wrote:
> 23' with F200, new w/20 hours on the clock. Gas guage is reading 2/3 full with
conservative use never over 4000 rpm. I know the 4 stroke is thrifty but not
that thrifty
and suspect that the gas guage is not working properly. I've heard from other
owners that these guages are unreliable and not to be trusted.
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