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512 parker25lc Re: 2320 SL 6/29/2005 8:49:00

I too use a fuel computer, but I run the Navman GPS with built-in fuel
computer so I get instant miles-per-gallon efficiency readings. I can
see how the effect of the RPMs, trim tabs, current, and sea state
affect the boat. I have found that I can dial in a minimum 10%
improvement in where I would otherwise run the boat (when I didn't have
a fuel computer).

That said, it sounds like you have a float arm fuel sender and they are
somewhat inaccurate to the swing arm design. WEMA makes a replacement
model that will be accurate.

ONE TIP: Make a practice of only reading your fuel while at idle or at
low headway speed! When you pput that boat up on place, all of the
fuel goes to the rear of the fuel tank, making it seem like there is
more fuel that there actually is. You can only accurately guage the
real amount of fuel left by checking it when the boat is in the same
state. Doing so, after a while, you will be able to "calibrate" you to
the tank's reading.