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52 Mark Anderton Re: Re: Raise my coffee cup to all the Parker Owners! 11/4/2003 22:03:00

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<div><font face="Arial" size="2">Wow! I don't know what I expected to see, but I was really impressed with the design and workmanship on hte enclosed v-berth. Nice work!</font></div>
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<div> </div><tt>Hi Mark, I hope you like the picture of the inclosed v-berth.I will tell you that your 5'11" body would not fit very good in the inclosed berth.Works great for us but I'm only 5'5" and my wife is only 5'. We also took the curtain that came with the boat and used it for the side windows on the pilothouse.Wife cut the curtains down and put a hem on the bottom to dress them up a little.I used then aluminum tracks that came with the boat for mounting above the windows.Karen (wife) also order shades for the back windows.I looks great and when we leave the boat at the marina it keeps the sun out.I'll try to get a picture up of the curtains. Have a good one. PS I e-mailed you last spring with some question after finding your site.Want to thank you for e-mailing me back. Great site you have with lots of great ideas and info. --- In, "Mark Anderton" <andertonm@c...> wrote: > I need to check out the photos of that enclosed v-berth. I tried sleeping in my 2120 the other night and a lot of my 5'11" body was hanging over the edges. Love the boat, though. > > Mark Anderton > <a href=""></a> > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: inaforty > To: > Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2003 5:17 AM > Subject: [parkerboats] Raise my coffee cup to all the Parker Owners! > > > Hello to all. > First post here so I will introduce myself. Wife and I have a 2003 > 2120SC with 200 HPDI.We spend our boating time in Buzzards Bay and > surrounding area.Hope to get to know some of the other 2120 owners. > Went to the Boston Boat Show a few weeks back and spoke with a rep > from Parker by the name of Russell Norris.I enjoyed talking to him. > He was on a 2520 that my wife and I just loved.(to all the owners of > such 2520 XL you have an awesome rig)I told Russell Norris that I > had inclosed the V berth on our 2120 and he asked me if I had any > pictures of course I didn't have any pictures with me.I posted a > picture in the photo area.If your out there Russell I hope you get > to see this. Good day to all > > > > > > > > > > > > > Yahoo! Groups Sponsor > ADVERTISEMENT > > > > > To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: > > > > > Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the Yahoo! Terms of Service. </tt> <tt>To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: </tt> <tt>Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the <a href="">Yahoo! Terms of Service</a>.</tt> </blockquote></table>