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524 Ken Reardon Re: 2320 SL 7/7/2005 18:30:00

My Yamaha Dealer advised not to install a Fuel flow meter, the feeling
was that it would make me sick
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> Do yourself a favor and install a fuel flow meter so you know exactly
> what you are burning (in gph), how much fuel you have used, and how
> much you have remaining.
> I installed a Navman 2100 on my 2520 MVSC to keep tabs on my 225 OX66
> and it is one of my most used helm instruments. You can even set an
> alarm to go off at a pre-determined amount of fuel left, so you know
> when its time to start thinking about visiting the fuel dock. ;-)
> Bought mine here:
> <<a href=""></a>
> productid=16237&cat=381&page=1>