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527 j p Re: Re: 2320 SL 7/8/2005 20:32:00

thanks all for your comments. I also asked my dealer about a flow meter and he
suggested against it. Curious. However, if my gas gauge is accurate - or
halfway accurate - the 4 stroke is an economical engine. Question ? is the flow
meter easy to install or do I continue writing checks for "marine" skills ?

Art Marshall <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=NnGP40CiigmK4izSJqqNq8ewK7_v1YcqfaQcJrRyUl3yz5T_YZJRSSaAbDCBLwwS31-YsKz9lBzE0Nn6U7pgBXSWnHU">thehoseconnection@...</a>> wrote:
I am agree with the fuel flow meter. I think you'll be feel better
looking at the meter and knowing exactly what's in the tank than

--- In <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=yvb1Ejr2KojXYOzNb0yY1ABwKXVylLAj1YYclAduZ3YR-Kcx6rNI5BcIKsWgbIxsBOG1e_062x2JRJggnD7ajEvAuDql"></a>, "Ken Reardon" <kr_howlands@h...>
> My Yamaha Dealer advised not to install a Fuel flow meter, the


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