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534 Michael Fairhurst Re: custom pilothouse floor carpeting??? 7/18/2005 16:33:00

An outfit called All Aboard will send you a template (little more than a sheet
of plastic). Tou can send it back marked up and supposedly they will send you a
custom made mat. Others here have suggested cheaper and easier ways of making

sokams1 <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=N6bjoderZSDEXgjz74B1UB1upyUcGGC99k1UoaZaIfh5URonJRAgA9t8BDveyIwV205TuuTx7eu1uA">sokams1@...</a>> wrote:I was wondering if anyone knew where to get
pre-cut cabin floor
coverings for a 2520 XL....

<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=8J4lW4X2QDvBGZClHTe_70c8Rr0POIx9ixRh74GTCKPgcYABY7RqoSn0JscFbP3_kuTJFVnU5sI9rA">tiggar1@...</a>


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