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539 j p Re: speedo and red tide 7/18/2005 21:08:00

wcamarano <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=7hd7JU4DHtPgYBYXbw9XYVsSBM901A9lvu3s_maaw550lR6kQ2un4Bleobh5f1cRzPovG9s91M2euF7U9pA">wcamarano@...</a>> wrote:
Hi everyone.Went out in red tide in Oceanside CA. last week to put
time on dad's new 2520xl and the yamaha f250 digital speedo froze up
with only 8 hours on motor,could the heavy plankton plug up the
sending unit port on the lower unit or does it not have one down
there? Have not read his owners manual yet.Has any one else had this
problem before and where can i find a official service manual for the
yamaha f250 ,tried locally but with no luck,still looking on the
internet. thanks in advance for any comments . wayne

look on the Yamaha web site. Click on the f250 motor. They have an order form
for the service manual. $60 or $80.



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