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544 Arthur Coppola Re: Re: custom pilothouse floor carpeting??? - Off Topic 7/20/2005 12:14:00

Hi Guys --- (guys is just generic, it means gals too)

I'm in the market for a Parker 2520SC but can't decide between the DV and XL. I
would be extremely grateful if current 2520DV owners would chime in and share
their experiences. I'm mainly concerned with:

* The boats stability (adrift, trolling and anchored).

* How effectively do the reverse chines perform

* Has any owner of a DV switched to an XL and do you have any regrets with

All I know is, by Spring 2006 I will be the proud owner of a Parker.



parker25lc <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=mqfj2fscl3-sqPR1a6C2FwIbfVpJZzO38nM4mLlrxLFw-cXOpY6jiB5uV72Ni57KGUcCQML3Rf2aF9FAzlE-_Ug">c-dhubbard@...</a>> wrote:
Carpet?? Yee Gods men ... just kidding ;) !

Next Spring, my custom 2520 is getting a teak & holly sole in the V-
Berth and cockpit ... not kidding.

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