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546 Brad Rush RE: 2520 DV - Resend 7/21/2005 14:41:00

I have a 2520 DV with a Single 250 Zuke. I am very pleased with the boat
and I don't think I would want any less deadrise. The boat is very stable
at drift and on the anchor. Your choice would depend on how and where you
plan to use the boat. If you plan on running offshore then the DV is the
ticket. If you will be inshore most of the time then the XL will be an
option. Just remember a Parker is not a 30 Knot boat, if thats what you are
looking consider for something else. If you are content with a 20 - 25
knot boat (depending on conditions) then the Parker is a good choice. IF
you have any question feel free to give me a call.

(215) 735-5476


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Subject: [parkerboats] 2520 DV - Resend

Hi Guys --- (guys is just generic, it means gals too)

I'm in the market for a Parker 2520SC but can't decide between the DV and
XL. I would be extremely grateful if current 2520DV owners would chime in
and share their experiences. I'm mainly concerned with:

* The boats stability (adrift, trolling and anchored).

* How effectively do the reverse chines perform

* Has any owner of a DV switched to an XL and do you have any regrets with

All I know is, by Spring 2006 I will be the proud owner of a Parker.



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