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553 ustank2 All Members - Parker Boats Group 7/22/2005 8:45:00

Remember to include only pertainent parts of the previous messages
into the reply. Cut and paste what you feel is necessary. If you just
click reply and include the whole previous post and this is repeated
several times, all messages are repeated over and over. This makes the
board difficult to read especially for those who receive the post in
digest form.

We are coming up on the two year anniversery of the board and have a
little more than 200 members. We gain some, we loose some but the
overall gain is steady. In the future I am going to have to have some
help with the moderation of the board. The board is set up to
eliminate advertising being inserted into the message posts. At one
time this became a problem, so all posts by new members have to be
approved before posting. This so far has eliminated folks joining this
group just to post spam and other junk. This places an extra work load
as far as getting new members messages approved. I will not be able in
the future to watch and try to get the messages posted quickly.
Sometimes I will be away from the computer for extended periods. If
there are a couple interested persons who have the time to devote to
this let me know.

Buddy Tison