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556 wildbill23se Re: misc. questions 7/24/2005 11:59:00


Yamaha says 87 octain and so does my dealer. I have used 87 for 400
hours on my 2004 F225 and it runs great. Not sure why your dealer
does not agree with Yamaha. I do use Ring Free @ 1 OZ / 10 gal.
Yamaha does recommend 89 octain for their F250. All three engines
are the same block. The F250 is obviously tuned higher to get the
extra ponies.

Have not checked my rocker switch but I bet it is hot too.

Was sort of up your way this past week fishing on the NJ side out
from Sandy Hook. Will be fishing Montauk two weeks this fall. Some
great fishing.


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> 23' 2320 - rocker switch for the nav lights gets quite warm - even
hot - after about an hour. Is this typical/atypical ?
> F200 Yamaha. Manual states regular octane gas is acceptable.
Dealer warns only to use premium fuel. Gas is now $312 a gallon on
Eastern Long Island NY and it's getting pricey. Any probs with
regular octane ? Whatever the case, this is still one sweet engine.
> jp
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